Red Light Fever: Volume 1

by Red Light Fever

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Musicians meet in the studio and collaborate to record a single.

Red Light Fever produces original music by pairing unacquainted musicians in the studio and challenging them to finish tracking a song in just one day.

The band exists for one day only - players from different styles and backgrounds come together to record a single and we document the process on video.

Red Light Fever is about injecting new creative energy into recordings by challenging musicians' traditional approaches and forcing them to rely on their deepest creative impulses.

In different studios, in different cities, in different countries around the world.

This download includes the RLF Contributing Artists Compilation 7 track album in the download (as bonus tracks)!


released October 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Red Light Fever San Francisco, California

Musicians meet in the studio and collaborate to record a single!

Help us make more great sessions! We need your suport!

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Track Name: You Wouldn't Say Goodbye
When I was younger
Foolish and single
I lived each day like it was the last of my life

When you were younger
still romantically fragile
holding your breath for the man who who make you his wife
It was the perfect kind of lie

On the 1st of September,
I started working
You had been looking for housing down south at the time

On the 1st of November
You started acting
Like you had been seeing that you had been catching my eye
It was a victimless crime

There is tall grass to mow - a bee builds a honeycomb
like a tree that never grew a green lead
never put down strong roots - never sprung from the seed

It was the last day of school and we were singing
you had been talking your shit for the bulk of the night
you wouldn't say goodbye
Track Name: But A Dream
Far away among the fields, I know I’ll find you there
Birds a-sailing in the wind leave feathers for my hair
Life’s not always what it seems, it’s dreamy grace may hide
But then one look underneath, reveals, another side

Fog comes in the sun goes out, it seems to disappear
Ocean swallows all in sight and then it reappears
Seems like things must come and go, my grandfather says
life’s a series of hellos and goodbyes Oh-oh

Shall the path that beckons me, be heard with heart or mind
God knows where it may lead, or what I’ll leave behind
Falling back into this field of waving wheat it seems
All my past and all my future’s nothing
but a dream, nothing, but a dream
nothing, but a dream
Track Name: Illinois
Don’t cry no more
We’re going back to Illinois
Don’t cry no more
We’re going back, we’re going back oh boy

Banging on a wooden heart
Then I find her, no desire
watching everything from afar
walking home on my own tonight

Remembering to play my part
I thought I found it danced around it
Now I’m sick and thinking only of home
Miles ahead and years behind me now

Banging on a wooden heart
now it seems like faded dreams
Just riding in the back of the car
Holding out for anything at all

Headed for another start
Sweet Virginia what’s got in you?
Hold me like you did in your arms
Let’s forget we ever met at all
Track Name: Make Sense
I've been up and down the mountain
I've been thinking I've been counting up
I'll I've ever done ain't much at all

I've been asleep here on the bench
Instead of swinging for the fence
I've been waiting for someone to make the call

But you make sense of it all

All those nights I spent out thinking
And was hopeless into drinking
Everything I learned sunk in the bog

But you make sense of it all

Well I know it's wrong to love you
But I don't give a damn
Two broken hearts make the world go round again

When I set out for the ocean singing songs about devotion
I was mixing up my heart with my resolve

But you make sense of it all
Track Name: Country Mile
I wait I call I see I saw it
what have you done
I know it all but I can't recall it
How it was won
I tricked my heart but I can't restart it
race has been run
I sold my soul for more control but
now I'm undone

and you're next to me, right next to me but you're a country mile away